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Who We Are


De Wagen Wasserij is a locally owned and operated professional car wash that cleans and protects all vehicles. Where we understand even with our state of the art equipment, it still comes down to the human touch to get every spot, every time. Here we believe each vehicle is the 2nd largest investment of our customer, making the vehicle as well as the customer our #1 focus.  Involvement with local youth sports organizations and the variety of fundraisers and promotions add to De Wagen Wasserij’s philosophy of commitment to the community.


We, at De Wagen Wasserij also care about our environment not just for ourselves, but for our future generations as well.  That’s why not only all the soaps that we use here are 100% earth friendly, we have also upgraded all other aspects of our site to be more energy conscious including our lights, water, and heating systems.


Be assured that washing here will not only be a benefit to your vehicle, but to your surrounding community and planet as well.



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