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De Wagen Wasserij Is Leading The Way When It Comes To Saving Water.

We constantly monitor our equipment and water usage to ensure that we use the least amount of water possible and still provide our customers with high-quality car washing.

De Wagen Wasserij Is A Local Community Business That Depends Upon Water.

We depend upon water in order to provide our customers with high-quality services. As such, the proper use and conservation of water is a high priority issue at De Wagen Wasserij. We want to take the lead in saving our most precious natural resource.


Engineering studies show that a 5/8” hose running at only 50 PSI uses 10 gallons per minute—meaning people who wash their cars at home use up to 100 gallons of water or more each time they wash their car!


It’s About More Than Just Saving Water!

Home car washing wastes water and can contribute to pollution. Most people who wash their cars at home in the driveway forget where the wastewater goes: directly into our lakes, streams, and rivers. At De Wagen Wasserij, we have learned many lessons about minimizing environmental pollution. It's time to recognize that home car washing is a serious form of pollution that can be eliminated simply by using a professional car wash. Remember, we all live downstream.

De Wagen Wasserij Uses Water Safely and Efficiently.

De Wagen Wasserij uses sand and grease traps which allow the grease, oils and heavy particulates in the water to be separated out before discharging the waste water into the sanitary sewer system for treatment rather than simply dumping it into the storm sewer. We use water efficient equipment such as computer controlled systems and high-pressure nozzles and pumps, allowing us to clean cars thoroughly while conserving water.

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