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Fleet Service

Make your company stand out!

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that need washing regularly? Your company vehicles are a form of mobile advertising and a clean vehicle helps make a winning impression. Your company spends a substantial amount of money to purchase and decorate those vehicles to promote your business. So let De Wagen Wasserij keep your image sparkling.


Can save with De Wagen Wasserij’s Fleet Account?

Fleet Account members enjoy a *10% discount on there monthly bill.  Our Fleet Accounts are a totally cashless operation. You will be provided Fleet Cards for you and your employee’s to use at the point-of-sale to charge to your De Wagen Wasserij Fleet Account. You will receive one monthly statement showing wash purchases for each Fleet Card. It’s that simple!


Sign Up Today

No more receipts. No handing out cash to employees. Simply sign up for the De Wagen Wasserij Fleet Account and conveniently hand out Fleet Cards instead. To get more information, please email us at


Program Benefits


Fast and Convenient

No more handing out cash to employees

No more having to reimburse employee’s expenses

One monthly bill to pay

Can wash after hours if need be

Receive a discount on total monthly bill

Can be used through the Tunnel Wash or Self Serve Bays

*Fleet discount applies to accounts that accrue $75 or more montly.

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