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De Wagen Wasserij would like to offer your school or non-profit organization an opportunity to participate in a “clean” and simple fundraiser that allows you to keep 100% of the net proceeds by selling car wash certificates. (Any unsold certificates can be returned to De Wagen Wasserij for a full refund.)

Car washes are popular fundraisers for many organizations, but it can sometimes be difficult finding the right time and location to setup.  That’s why De Wagen Wasserij makes it easy for your organization, by allowing you to sell certificates for a professional car wash.


By working together with De Wagen Wasserij you are helping to insure that your car wash fundraiser not only raises money, but that it produces a “clean and shiny” vehicle that’s helping preserve our environment.

Run off from “parking lot” fundraisers harm the environment and lower our water quality.  Car washes that are held in parking lots, which are not designed to collect the soaps and pollutants washed off cars, end up running into our city’s storm drains — straight to our rivers and streams. Storm drains do not send their water to the city’s treatment center but, instead directly to local bodies of water.  Storm drains are the drains found in parking lots, along streets, sidewalks and other outdoor locations.

De Wagen Wasserij is committed to being environmentally friendly as it’s wash water is collected and filtered before it’s returned to the sewer system. Along with filtering their water, De Wagen Wasserij uses only environmentally safe products in all its services as well as reducing its carbon footprint with their hight effeciency lighting and water heating system.



Program Benefits
  • Any unsold certificates can be returned for a full refund.

  • No rain outs. The customer can use the certificate they purchase at their convenience.

  • Raise large sums of money quickly, with no leftover merchandise.

  • The certificates never expire.

  • You’ll be offering a quality product with a well established and respected company.

  • You’ll give your contributors something of real value for their contribution.

  • You can sell more than one ticket at a time, resulting in an increase in profit for your organization.

  • You can sell car wash certificates any time of the year (even winter).

  • Your fundraiser doesn’t have to be limited to a day or weekend.

  • You won’t have to worry about chemicals, finding a facility, or liability held by your organization during your fundraising event.

  • Everyone in the organization can participate in the program.



For more information or questions and comments just Contact Us.

Click link for Terms and Conditions form. 

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